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IG LeadsBot is a great tool for automatic DM outreach such us: welcome messages, messages with lead magnets or offers, invites for collabs with influencers or relationship building with your qualified list of IG profiles.


3 EASY STEPS ( to set up IG LeadsBot)👇


  1. Find your target audience (IG profiles to send your DM’s) by choosing 1 IG profile whose followers have similar interests to your offer.
  2. Set up qualifying filters for your list of IG profiles (minimum+maximum followers count, keywords that must be listed in their Bio + keywords that can't be listed in their Bio)
  3. Create your message with "spintax "variations. (explained in subsription) and RUN


⭐️ Note: You can subsribe to our LeadsBot directly on Zerowork marketplace: 

🤖 LeadsBot for Instagram DM's with Qualifier

SKU: LeadsBot-IG1
Price Options
VIP Subscription
Includes: set up, team training + VIP Support for 2 months
$99.99every month for 2 months
Basic Subscription
$19.99every month until canceled
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