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How ATC-Amazon Add to Cart actions help to increase CVR- Amazon Conversion Rate.

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

A conversion is when an Amazon ad, promoted by the customer's interest in your product and marketing efforts, is clicked and the action has been completed. These actions include adding an item to a cart or completing a purchase.

CVR will help you improve your ad’s ranking. Amazon uses this ranking to determine how your ad will be displayed.

Add to cart strategies to help increase Amazon Conversion Rates.
Amazon add to cart

1 of many marketing strategies to increase sales on Amazon is to make a unique offer. 👇 👇👇


PRODUCT LAUNCH or RE-LAUNCH with the most effective launch and post launch strategies.

1 of our most effective product ranking strategies are Rebate Giveaways via automated refund distribution, enhanced with a date/time scheduled ATC actions.

The ACoS will decrease as a result of 1. ATC and 2. Purchases contributed from PPC clicks during SFB (Search Find Buy) rebate campaign.

We, at Digital Bot marketing have tried, tested and developed very unique rebate launch strategy to get your product rank faster, with less giveaways than any basic SFB rebate template out there.

Are you looking to: Increase CVR, Lower AcOS, Launch & Rank + Maintain the Post Launch Ranking?

Book a quick consult with us ( we will share the proven results that helped many of our Amazon clients to achieve their product ranking -FAST)


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