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WHY LeadsBot?

LeadsBot is the perfect addition to any marketing stack because it saves resources, time, manpower, and $$$ money spent on paid ads. 

🤖 Our LeadsBot (Lead Generation) automation systems can gather online data from any website, channel, marketplace or social media site without paid advertising.


LeadsBot systems can be set up as:


1. Prospect Engagement Automation

Follows, Likes, Comments, Tags, Messages

2. Brand Building Automation

Posts branding content on any website or social media


3. Lead Generation Automation

Data Processing and Messenger Outreach ( send messages from any channel that has messenger capabilities

Check how Facebook Group LeadsBot work.
Would you like to generate some FREE business leads?

Example of LeadsBot automation-Lead Gen with Instagram

Opens in FB messenger👆from Digital Bot Marketing
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Would you like us to build your custom LeadsBot automation?

Contact us through any channel below 👇
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