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Marketers, brands, and influencers can immediately benefit from IG Automation because it:


  • Generates sales by replying to product questions like, “Will this fit a size 0?” before sending customers to a buying destination.

  • Saves time and automates answers to frequently asked questions like, “Do you offer free shipping?”

  • Generates qualified leads by automating the lead qualification and follow-up process.

  • Increases audience engagement by automating other kinds of Instagram activities such as automatically responding to all post comments and Story mentions.

  • Scales Instagram Ads that start conversations with customers, like Story Ads that ask customers to “DM me this word.”




  • Personalized, automated conversations built fast in FlowBuilder, a flowchart-based interface.

  • Automated responses and conversations to Keywords based on messages and queries IG users send you.

  • Automatic replies, messages, and reactions to post comments, also known as the Comments Growth Tool.

  • Replies and business automation for all IG account Story Mentions.

  • Scalable, repeatable Instagram Messaging Ads.

  • Prefilled, customizable buttons for new customers/followers that help Start Conversations.

  • Ability to capture and store customer-given data, like emails and phone numbers.

  • Live Chat portal where entire teams can chat in real-time with Instagram users and access to ManyChat’s CRM for more informed conversations.





  • Qualify leads

Qualify leads inside Instagram Messenger by automating the lead qualifying process. Collect user information in order to send a follow-up message with ManyChat’s SMS (short message service) or email functions to keep the conversation going.


  • Coupons and giveaways

Collect a user’s email and phone number in exchange for a giveaway or coupon offer.

In a post or story, ask IG users to message you with a certain keyword. After the user messages you with the keyword, the triggered flow will activate and signal the automation to collect their contact info for the giveaway or coupon


  • Run an Instagram Ad

Run an ad on Instagram and have the call to action (CTA) take the user directly to IG Messenger. 


You can also run a Story Ad and ask the user to message you a specific keyword. Once the keyword is messaged inside IG Messenger, your flow will be triggered. From there, ask for contact information, answer common questions, run an FAQ, and more. 


  • Sell a course or set up a demo call

Set up a registration flow by asking the user to type a keyword in IG Messenger. Throughout the following automated flow, lead the user to either purchase a course or get them to set up a demo or consulting call.


  • Send lead magnets to all incoming Instagram subscribers 

Create a ManyChat Rule that all IG opt-ins are sent into a flow; this option sends a message to all incoming subscribers, including Story Mentioners.


  • Build a quiz

Create a quiz to find out more about your customers. For example, if you’re in real estate, build a quiz in order to learn more about home buyers’ income levels and what they’re looking for in their desired home.





Let’s build your engaging IG automated funnels to set you apart from the competition.




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